Chris McMahon Appears on Nasdaq TradeTalks

MFA Wealth President and CEO, Chris McMahon, recently appeared on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss how values-based investing is commonly confused with ESG based investing. He shares how ESG and value-based investing are both born in the same place. They’re born out of compassion, out of help with downtrodden, out of leveling the playing field in some way. What’s happened along the way is ESG has been embraced on a much larger scale, and for people of faith unfortunately it has taken a very dark turn,” says McMahon. “People of faith have driven to reevaluate ‘where I am, take a step back and really moving forward, really better understand that every dollar I invest has an impact, not only on me as an investor but on society as a whole.’”

To watch the full interview, please visit the link below or click the thumbnail image: