Business ServicesEnsuring Your Financial Security

Risk and portfolio management are cornerstones to our business. Individuals are not the only ones subject to these uncertainties, and the need for comprehensive financial planning is paramount to the stability, longevity and success of your business. At MFA Wealth, we delve into the depths of your businesses financial structure to plan for the viability of your business for years to come. Financial and personal hardships can quickly turn a growing business into a stagnant company, and managing your key personnel is essential to your long-term success. Our Business Planning Services include:

  • Deferred Compensation Planning
  • Defined Benefits Planning
  • 401k Formation and Maintenance
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Asset Protection

In addition to these services, MFA Wealth has at its disposal a wealth of investment management professional to tackle any obstacles your business may encounter. Knowing who to contact and how they can help you is often the hardest step; we are here to help.

We rely on quantitative and qualitative research to evaluate our clients’ holdings and define an asset allocation best suited to their risk tolerance and goals. We work with our clients individually to develop a financial plan that fits your needs. What’s your investment strategy? Let us help you define it.