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I am writing you today as our nation continues to respond to the current coronavirus crisis. I want to assure you that MFA Wealth is strong, well-positioned and fully prepared for whatever the next few weeks may bring.

We have been strengthened by several things:

  1. The knowledge that our economy and our stock market are unparalleled in their singular might. We are fortunate to live in a nation at a time of record prosperity and opportunity. In spite of the dramatic nature of this shut down, we share the opinion that recovery is on the horizon. Today is in stark contrast to the much deeper crevasse of the 2008 financial meltdown. One need only reflect on 2008 and recall the panic that swept our nation. True questions arose then about our banks, our treasury and our monetary system’s ability to survive. This, combined with the shock of Lehman brothers folding and Washington Mutual’s bankruptcy, remind us that 2020 is not reflective of 2008. In short, we were enjoying a thriving economy and all expectation is we will return to one.
  2. Our clients were enjoying unparalleled financial success prior to this crisis. Businesses were growing, consumer spending was robust, and discretionary income was at record highs in most fields. Historically, our stock market overreacts to terrible news and just as often overreacts later to the hope and opportunity that is in the future.
  3. The depth and knowledge of our team at MFA Wealth. I am proud to report that our group is exceptionally competent and highly skilled. They are the most skilled group of professionals that I have ever been associated with. This coupled with the addition of several extraordinary artificial intelligence and portfolio optimization tools provides you with the knowledge that we are prepared to guide you through this dark time to achieve your goals.
  4. The fact that we have been regularly stress-testing our portfolios and have made strategic moves to blunt the impact of this downturn. In addition, we have constructed a return-to-market road map which we will implement over time.

For these reasons we stand cautiously optimistic in the short term and steadfast in our confidence for the long term. Clearly, the events of the last few weeks have been troubling. The humanitarian cost will be significant. We must remember our economy and stock market are resilient. The financial institutions we utilize are some of the strongest in the world. Our firm has adhered to a complex planning process that matches our clients with acceptable risk and searches for opportunities that are beginning to arise.

Our entire team stands ready to serve you and answer your questions. With discipline and God’s grace I am confident we will thrive.




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