McMahon Financial Makes Exciting Changes

19HI have some exciting news! McMahon Financial is making an important transition for our investment advisory practice that we believe will benefit you as a client and help drive our business in the right direction for the road ahead. I am thrilled to announce that we will be starting the independent investment advisory firm, McMahon Financial Advisors, LLC.

As you know, it has always been our goal to provide unparalleled client service and support. We have worked diligently over the last 30 years to develop a unique concierge service model. This transition from McMahon Financial to McMahon Financial Advisors is a meaningful step in our perpetual quest of this goal. The entire team of McMahon Financial is positioned as an independent resource for unbiased, advisory services.

We have chosen to use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as our custodian. Schwab, with over $1 trillion in client assets, is an industry leader to independent investment advisors. They help us to continue to make independent, objective decisions based on our clients’ individual needs and financial goals. In addition to traditional SIPC account protection of $500,000 per customer (including a maximum of $250,000 in cash), Schwab offers account protection through underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and other London insurers. The additional protection of securities and cash is provided up to an aggregate of $600 million*.

One of the technologies we are most excited about is McMahon Advisor Portal, or MAP. This exclusive technology is a one-stop, aggregated vault for your financial life. You will be able to access an entire 360 degree view of your current assets held with us and any other financial institutions. This includes your 401K, stock options, mortgages, loans, real estate holdings, credit card balances, and your comprehensive estate plan. You will be able to access all of this through an encrypted MAP app on any device. We are so proud and delighted to offer this most advanced technology to MAP your financial future!

During our brief transition you may receive communication from our former broker-dealer. Rest assured, they are fulfilling their requirement to do so. As always, we stand ready to serve you and are very excited to move forward with you and remain your trusted advisor for life.

We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support and look forward to talking with you in the days ahead.

Christopher S. McMahon, AWMA, ChFC

AWMA, Accredited Wealth Management Advisor is a trademark of the College for Financial Planning
ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant is a trademark of the American College

*Additional protection up to an aggregate of $600 million, limited to a combined return to any customer from a Trustee, SIPC, Lloyd’s, and other London insurers of $150 million, including cash of up to $1,150,000. This additional protection becomes available in the event that SIPC limits are exhausted and there are no additional funds available from the estate of the failed brokerage firm.