Victor Onesi Completes Cryptocurrency Course Offered by Princeton University and Earns Online Degree™ in Cryptocurrency & Trading from Blockchain Counsel

MFA Wealth would like to congratulate Victor Onesi, Client Experience Associate, on the successful completion of Blockchain Counsel’s Online Degree™ in Cryptocurrency & Trading. This degree program focused on the in-demand industry requirements needed to have good command in Cryptocurrency and Trading space. Course topics included technical analysis, blockchain, and cryptocurrency investment strategies.

Victor also completed the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course offered by Princeton University in which he took a deep dive into Bitcoin intricacies, how blockchain is created, mined and transferred – as well as the limitations of Bitcoin.

Victor Onesi
Client Experience Associate

Victor earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Community Economics and Development from The Pennsylvania State University and has been with MFA Wealth since 2019. For more information on Victor, please see his Form ADV Part 2B.



Completion of Blockchain Counsel’s Online Degree™ in Cryptocurrency & Trading or the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course offered by Princeton University does not imply any level of skill or training.

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